Safe Routes to School: One small step for human, one giant step for humankind.

June 14, 2013

My earliest walk to school memory-The real deal

I was in kindergarden and saw two girls in my class walking down my street to get to school. I was so excited to be able to walk with them! When I finally caught up with, them they crossed the street and started walking on the other side, so I crossed the street too. They saw me cross and so crossed back to the other side, giggling. Still clueless, I crossed the street once more to be with them until I finally realized they were trying to avoid walking with me. Was it my green polyester bellbottoms? I didn't know but I was furious! When we got to our classroom I spat on them. Mean girls.Not exactly a great pitch for walking to school, but hey, I'm just being honest.

June 23, 2013

SRTS Mad Libs

Just got back from Long Beach, which was beachy, and met some great new co-workers. In my second week of work (!) I was tasked with the responsibility of developing and performing a physical activity break for 1500 people at a Conference. This is harder than you think, in that it requires a careful balance of being appealing to a huge range of abilities, ages and sizes. While such activities are generally the domain of headset adorned beefcakes and former PE teachers wearing polo shirts and khakis, this was my time to shine. I struck the holy trinity of physical activity break games with a mad lib game that the audience would physically pantomime the verbs to, and it was a hit! Way to make me feel like things are moving in the right direction with this new j.o.b!

August 18, 2013

Safe Routes to Work

As I write this, I am almost too tired to move my fingers. Flattened like a pancake this Conference did, even though it was a 'success.' By success I mean a lot of people attended and seemed to enjoy themselves. I however, operated at a feverish pitch, like a centrifuge, with no refuge. Let's see, the last two weeks have been fraught with the kind of tragedy I rarely encounter on such a regular basis. We had to euthanize my dog and best friend after she bit another dog. Then a member of my Detroit family, a 14 year old girl with Down's got raped. Then for my birthday we rode 70 miles to Sacramento and alomost died approximately 6 times-it was the scariest thing I've ever done. Then I went to the National Conference and presented three times, once to the entire Conference, and once to share my magnum opus and once to facilitate. Then I found out my Detroit family's story made the front page of CNN, because five men practiced vigilante justics and beat the crap out of the guy. (Since there are no cops in Detroit anymore). Then Then I went to the Capitol on the last day of the Conference for "advocacy day." I was so upset about the incident I wanted to yell at the world, yell at everybody that Safe Routes to School can be a life and death issue based on what happpend to my friend, but I didn't. I only thanked once assemblyman and told him that SRTS was about safety since his office was convered with youth anti-violence posters and it was clearly his cause. Then, on about 4 hours of sleep I ran my bike to the train station to catch the Amtrak back and fractured my foot. I came home so tired my speech was slurred. Today I didn't get out of bed, but tried to catch up with work.The chaos is in full force and I feel like I've been repeatedly beat up with a baseball bat. The only thing keeping me from losing my mind is that this is the kind of high stress life that many people experience for years on end. Hopefully with it being only two weeks, I've sandwiched in my tragedy quota for the year. blargh, so greatful to be alive.