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Sept 15, 2013

One of the best things I've ever made

Finally, I nailed bread pudding! As usual, a devine inspiration cobbled together with 1. Marc Bittman's Chocolate Blancmange (midufued with dark chocolate chips), 2. 2-3 heaping cups stale bread cubes Jim Leahy's Whole Wheat Bread recipe with about 2 cups fresh mandoline sliced fennel and about 3/4 cup torn prunes added, and finally, about 3/4 of a cup of whole whipping cream. Let the bread sit for about 5 days and the pudding as well. Mix the two and let sit, then add the whipping cream. Mix together and bake at about 250-300 degrees for about 25-30 minutes in a preheated over. Unbelievable.

Sept 8, 2013

Mexican Breakfast Hash Tips

Made my best batch yet today.

  • Small new potatoes sliced 1.3 on the mandoline
  • 1/2 onion sliced vertical 1.3
  • olive oil for shallow frying
  • Dubliner Chedder 1-2 oz
  • eggs-2 whites 2 whole
  • black beans 1/3 cup
  • corn tortillas cut into strips
  • kosher salt
  • pepper
  • labne
  • cilantro fresh
  • salsa
  • iron skillet
  • Slice potatoes, add kosher salt let sit then pat dry. Add potatoes and onions and let fry for about 8/10 minutes. Turn over and keep letting bottom fry until potatoes become crispy and carmelized (you may need to add a lill more olive oil. When everything is cooked and crispy add tortilla strips in top of potatatoes and cover pan for 5 minutes. Add black beans after about 2 minutes of cooking. When 5 minutes are over add eggs and mix slightly so the eggsare jsut cooked. Add cheese on top, then cilantro. top with labne and your fave salsa/hot sauce combo. mmmm.

    June 14, 2013

    Living Inside a Cornoucopia of Pizza

    That's what the Bay Area feels like. It is a lush jungle of produce that assaulted my eyes with it's brilliance from the first day I moved here onward. I remember taking pictures of produce at the corner stores the first week I lived here. I have tried to do justice to the beauty of the food thatl ives here, but so far, the business of life seems to intervene all too often. I think the last amazing thing I made was pizza. Letting the yeast sit in the water/sugar mixture for about 10 minutes instead of five, and by using the mixing hook as opposed to the dough hook on the kitchenaid are my two recent culinary revelations. Stay tuned for more.


    Archives from my old food blog "Kitchen Nirvana"

    The web that weaves us is the web that feeds us

    Food is a sacrament. It is my religion and my art. Food is the mandala that pieces us all together into a chain that never closes, just as the human body never closes. Food is science and love mixed together. It is a tribute to your body, to someone else's body, a way of showing love. I just want to cook for everybody I love forever. Begin creating my own recipes with revolutionary ingredients while adhering to the time honored tradition of good iron, good wine, good bread and artisanal cheese. Food is part of my yoga practice these days, rounded out by the triumvirte of dogs, running and work. And you know what? I wouldn't change a thing.

    Monday, April 27, 2009


    Why say stomach ache when you can say stomache? Such a waste of syllables. Today made spanish rice for tomorrow. Today I ate, tofu, merengues, a bag of fake sausage crumbles, 2 eggs, cheese and crackers. Blech...my stomaches. I'm also thinking about korean food. Maybe I don't like it. The bibimbap was a nightmare... Hope to meet up with my little neighbor and make "chocolate surprise cake" with beets and applesauce this week. Joe's awesome idea: The drill and spoon blog. Clever boy he is...

    Meals constructed with my cooking partner in crime...Joe-licious

    Best sourdough, made with fresh rosemary, thyme and olive oil, (Joe's sourdough mother's first batch)!

  • homemade mandarin orange ice cream
  • sesame brittle
  • homemade peppermint spartan merengues
  • grilled skirt steak with homemade chimmichuri sauce
  • pineapple cashew quinoa stir fry
  • veggie omelets
  • Shiner beer
  • Blue Moon spring ale

    Monday, April 20, 2009

    Yoga, Yogurt, Yoda

    Yoga breaks the starch cycle, instead driving a craving for apples and yogurt, a snack of very wise proportions. Wish I could do it every day.....water never tasted so good. Ahhhhh

    Sunday, April 26, 2009

    Who let the cat out of the grocery bag?

    Sunday, April 19, 2009 I have now shared the location of my supersecret blog with someone who I have begun to enjoy cooking with, as if it were a part of the romance dance. Today I whipped up some ok alfredo with fresh rosemary, thyme, baby bellas, butter, asiago, milk and angel hair. this morning made chillequiles with corn tortillas, eggs, chipotles, salsa and 2 kinds of cheese. It was heavy, but not as heavy as the pretzels I've been snacking on all night.

    November 12, 2008

    Oh Mark Bittman, how I love thee!

    And your fabulous kasha varnishka recipe, cooked almost instinctively judeo genius. The taste was indescribable and made it clear meat cooking will never be necessary.

    Friday, October 24, 2008

    Pistachio Rosewater Cookies

    Next time I'll use the fresh limes, zest and a little more rosewater. Pastry flour might be a nice addition. But they are crispy and pretty. Also made best muffins in the world. All set for the yoga potluck. Had black bans stuck in my teeth all day today and no one told me....mrrrrr. Tomorrow is cooking time. Am thinking about stir fry, homemade salsa, and a classic risotto coming down the pipeline. When does butter expire?

    Sunday, October 19, 2008

    My former roommate gave me this recipe for vegan enchiladas. She used to get high with her roommate in college and make these. tofu (fried in braggs with onion garlic) enchilada sauce tortillas nutritional yeast/lemon/mustard stock cumin onion garlic olive oil refried beans Cook, fry, slap and patch and pinch it all together in a baking dish. Top with enchilada sauce. Add green onion/cilantro, if desired. Bake for about 30 min. Eat lots with great relish. Still never cooked any meat in my kitchen. The idea is totally revolting. Handling raw chicken? No thanks!

    Monday, October 6, 2008

    In Sickness and in Streitz

    So I've been sick for four weeks-way past earning sympathy points and soo ready to move on, but alas to no avail. Then my friend comes over with a bag of groceries to save my butt. Onions! Oranges! Orange Juice! Campbell's vegetarian vegetable soup and best of all streitz canned chicken noodle soup! The soup went down like heaven and reminded me of my grandma's cooking, if my grandma had ever been a good cook. The rice with milk, potato latkas and microwaved hamburgers always got star billing. But anything that involved mixing a lot of ingredients together got a little scary, especially as I got older. She would give us mysterious mason jars filled with a viscous slime that she called soup. We were often scared to even touch the jar. Usually it would be the soup saddled by Rockeach Gefilte Fish, something to this day that I absolutely refuse to eat. But her style...she was more than a human conveyor belt, she was an artist trying to make "balanced" meals for her crazy since world war II vegetarian husband. Hard to imagine how difficult this must have been, especially when I'm sure my grandfather wanted my grandma to raise their kids vegetarian. I remember lots of little dishes of sucking candy with pictures of Isreal on them, as well as the Brach's pick a mix candy that we would joke about being "generic" while usually it would be the first thing we would eat out of her care packages. Picture this, your mother gives you 3-5 bags of groceries per week stuffed with food. I think my grandma did that almost the whole time we grew up, and I really wonder what might've happened without the stale, or sometimes not stale, challah that kept up our sustenance during those lean years. Challah, pick a mix candies, cake mixes (even though we rarely had the ingredients on hand), jars and mixes of like, rice milk corn and peas, or chicken soup, gefilte fish, macaroons, tubs of margarine, peanut butter and jelly, cinnamon raisin bread, naturally yours fruit on the bottom yogurt and discounted items from "The Fruit Ranch" which was the grocery store my grandpa drove her to, because she could not drive. We were beastly little vultures and would start devouring the food as soon as we got it, always fighting over who got what. In reflection, man o man, that was a lot of sugar grandma was sending us, as sweet as she was.

    Sunday, October 12, 2008

    Chitter Chatter

    Made red lentil soup from a good NY times article. So simple, yet effectively delicious. Been borrowing the neighbors pots (yes, with an S) so I can cook. Can't wait for the iron cookware from Donna. Was so into drawing last night I forgot to eat dinner. I'd say that's a Saturday well spent. Cold refrigerated water is an entirely different animal from h2o from the tap.

    Saturday, October 11, 2008

    zen and the art of tortillas

    Oh happy day! I finally figured out how to salvage dry, lifeless tortillas. Pour water on them, not too much, just enough to get wet, then put a little oil on a baking sheet and bake on low heat for about 10-15 minutes, depending on how hot your oven is. Super yayy!Good chocolate chips can save even the most dismal of chocolate chip cookies. I have not bought groceries or been to a restaurant in over 3 weeks! Feel like life is exactly the way it should be. Simple and delicious. Now for starting that restaurant......

    Friday, October 10, 2008

    Made these morningstar farms thai veggie burgers today. Tried to use them as a filling for fresh spring rolls last week and the result was a dismal failure. But this evening, slathered between 2 pieces of brownberry, fried in olive oil and topped with sri racha(cockjuice), tomato and romaine made this girls heart a flutter. topped with a refreshing glass of cold water. So excited for mexican breakfast hash tomorrw!

    Thursday, October 9, 2008

    Prahna and Parrano

    I sort of just had a food epiphany. Was it brought about by the incredible 8.99 1b. dutch parrano cheese? Possibly. I made a heavenly grilled cheese sandwich tonight. First I figured out that to make a grilled cheese I needed to keep the heat on 3 and cover the iron skillet with a plate. Slivered tomatoes and a shake of dried basil rounded out the sensation on brownberry original whole wheat bread (I swear that stuff is pure sugar), with the two pieces of bread slathered with earth balance.

    Wednesday, October 8, 2008

    Savory Cravings

    My aunt bought me a cast iron dutch oven. Can't wait to use it but have to wait till thanksgiving to pick it up. In the meantime stews are out of the question until I get a crockpot. Its strange how happy I am with my meager set of kitchenware, yet I am dying for some really nice stuff. However without counter space and maybe a dishwasher more things will only lead to more clutter, unless I throw and equal amount away. Invited one of my coworkers over for some spinach lasagna and cookies. She liked both. That was awesome. Also read some cool recipes for potato gallettes, and a pear salad with cored pears filled with gorgonzola cheese, a vinagrette and arugula, I believe. Very dramatic!

    The web that weaves us is the web that feeds us

    Food is a sacrament. It is my religion and my art. Food is the mandala that pieces us all together into a chain that never closes, just as the human body never closes. Food is science and love mixed together. It is a tribute to your body, to someone else's body, a way of showing love. I just want to cook for everybody I love forever. Begin creating my own recipes with revolutionary ingredients while adhering to the time honored tradition of good iron, good wine, good bread and artisanal cheese. Food is part of my yoga practice these days, rounded out by the triumvirte of dogs, running and work. And you know what? I wouldn't change a thing.
    Food of the week: habanero xtra sharp cheddar-YUM!

    Thyme to brag

    Just got back from holyshittasty Seattle and had the best restaurant experience ever! Juno in the historic warwick hotel blew the mind and the tastebuds. Not only the little scientific fun things, like "foam" but the lemongrass basil creme brulee was ingenious. The wine was unbelievable. Columbia Crest something or other. Will get back on this. Bought black truffle creme from a women whose sister is a truffle hunter in Italy. Looked at the back and realized it has anchovy paste in it. Damn! Should I give it away? I am sooo food inspired right now. Fed roasted pumpkin seeds I made to the german girl on the plane. Note great food because they keep so well and are the perfect salty snack. Also found a $50 cast iron dutch oven. 1 month more to kitchenirvana!

    Dessert a la Juno Best dessert menu EVER! orange & anise chocolate decadence pistachio & caramel candy bar chocolate ganache, fleur de sel milk chocolate coriander-lime cake milk chocolate mousse, lime syrup sour cream & basil pana cotta fresh berried, basil gelee lemongrass & bay crème brûlée crème caramel corn cake caramel popcorn, yakima smoked salt walnut crunch cookie mango napoleon white chocolate & spiced phyllo stone fruit & fennel short cake tarragon cream, fennel candy

    Monday, July 21, 2008


    So, I made the most rockin' tortilla variation that included the use of zucchini. Kudos to the chefs at gormet. I also completely botched a recipe of vegan lemon bars by substituting baking soda for arrowroot, instead of cornstarch. What really bugs me is that this recipe resulted in many a shedded finger in order to cultivate 1 tablespoon of grated lemon peel. The mashed potatoes with kale had undercooked kale and the zucchini bread was gummy. But the tortilla and the lasagna were fantastico. I cooked for like 8 hours straight yesterday. 5 dishes in 7 hours, a little over 1 hour per dish, not bad, I guess.

    Saturday, July 19, 2008

    Tick Tick Tick...I am waiting to cook for Vic.

    Think it's thyme to start researching wheat, the meat of my existence. The craving that calls me from the wild. I generally attach large wheat consumption with a feeling of nervousness, frustration, fear and anger. No other food prompts these feelings. Wheat, I should grow my own, just to understand it better, and what of bathtub gin. Still want to get on that one as well. One thing that brings up feelings of frustration around cooking is my lack of an implement to assist in the dishwashing process. I will look at mini dishwashers, which I just learned exist, hallelujah. The other is the elusiveness of portions for one. I know there are an unending parade of cookbooks for busy single professionals, but I do not trust these guideposts of wisdom, who create "sensible meals" using food that never really works for me. Yesterday and today I ate a Jets Deep Dish Veggie Pizza with sausage, about 12 slices. It felt like Christmas on crack followed by "nervous and alone" "celebrate your success" and "this will be a new positive challenge!" Its ok, just good to remember this was not a bad thing. I was honoring a part of my body that I often castigate and try to suppress. The voice of suffering called out and I nourished it without judgement. This does not imply that I necessarily want to do this again the next time distress arises just that that was how I chose to emote last night. Maybe tonight I will call my sister instead. I've got a yoga retreat coming up and volunteered to work in the kitchen, bbbbbaby iiii cant wait! Product of the day: 7 Stars Farm Lowfat Biodynamic Plain Yogurt. The food of choice for both me and my gassy boxer Misha, who gets it on top of her food daily. mmh mmh! Intestinal flora and fauna never had it so good!!

    Friday, July 18, 2008

    Banana Bread-Barely Mixed

    So the HIAV (how it all vegan) girls were right. Barely mix the ingredients of a quick bread for a more fresh, dense flavour. Made this Brazillian black bean orange soup, but I took the pieces of orange out cause it was too much... PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Lundberg California White Jasmine Rice--get it before it flys off the shelves. Perfect texture and consistency for making the slathered milk and butter rice my grandma used to make. Only in Wisconsin, I know...Also made this curried rice salad, but determined I need to split most recipes in half if its just for me. I usually get sick of the food midway through, then have to throw it out. Also went on a pepperment experiment with the mint growing in the yard. Made fresh peppermint cookies. Kind of wierd, but perfect ice cream sandwich cookies for a hot day. Summer drink-hibiscus tea, its the gift that keeps on giving. Keep it in a jar for a week and just keep adding water for a refreshing sugerless kool-aid esque drink. Also I have to apologize to Tanya and Sarah, my HIAV goddesses. The Moskowitz gal from veganomicon has bested you with her lower fat banana bread recipe. Molassess, who know such a powerful ingredient could jazz up a quickbread so nicely? Speaking of jazzy, can anyone tell me how I can get crispy baked products from my oven? Maybe I'm just too impatient to let things cook all the way, but I'll be damned if everything that seems to come out of that kitchen is soft, sweet and fluffy-not a bad thing, I guess, but sometimes this little jewess just needs some crunch! Tonight: I interview a tortilla recipe from Gourmet magazine that includes the use of zucchini. Very exotic, Don Quixote would turn over in his grave. More zucchini = a quick bread and maybe some kind of pear compote, or a kale/pear shake, which, according to raw foodists is the equivilant of a cat's pajamas.

    Food and Stillness

    I was hungry and meditated about you until I got to the other side of my hunger. No affirmations or negations, just sitting with my hunger to see how it felt. No judgements, just hungry, kind of empty-lonely, scared, sad. Misha looked at me with big, baleful, brown eyes that held no words, just nowness, my little canine friend a reminder of the importance of the love and life that surround food.

    Saturday, April 26, 2008

    I just ate what?????

    I was so tired today I barely remember what I ate. I do remember cooking a rather bland mexican breakfast hash in the morning, that was gobbled up by my friend in no time. Had a salad with HIAV dressing, figs, goat cheese, sheep cheese and almonds. Note to self-next time use kalamata olives with this salad. Woke up and had 2 english muffin pzzas with soy cheese I made in the broiler. But some fresh basil and oregano on top of them. Remember making these when you were a kid? Also had pretzels w/ yogurt and juice. I am in a dilemma about the organic thing. I hate having to thoroughly wash fruits and veggies! It makes chopping them so much harder and usually get water all over the place. I need suggestions for dealing with this as well as for how to chop garlic. Here are the cooking utensils I want most in case anyone wants to give me a gift- pasta maker large food processor juicer a good chopping knife an easy way to chop fresh garlic a cast iron dutch oven for sure! plates a good salt shaker/grinder a food dehydrator a nice sexy colander! some good hotpads and if you really loved me-a csa membership!

    Saturday, April 26, 2008

    Thermoplastic dionysian bliss

    I had a hedonistically fun incident drinking belgian spring ale on the river trail with the sounds of frogs and feral cats serenading us amongst the budding blooms at one on the morning last night. Lunch was good-made the best dressing in the world again from HIAV, and my coworker wouldn't taste it. Maybe I was pushing too hard. After only eating a salad for lunch I was too hungry to cook last night-so made the one frozen entree that I had bought on sale. Amy's vegetable loaf dinner-my favorite, pretzels w/ Jacks Salsa-the best salsa ever, and hummus, and an english muffin with one side slathered in earth balance and one side with dannon, low fat yogurt, also my favorite yogurt, even though its probably pumped w. lawd knows hormones. I know this is stupid, but I wonder if Jack Aronson, maker of Jack's salsa is jewish-maybe that's why I like it. The jewish salsa? Tis I.... Yikes I am busy-its going to be un dia larga y dura.............. Mom's old time best recipes- mexican rice chicken and rice pork chops birthday lasagna potato pancakes chili beef stroganoff.... I will add to the list later.

    Thursday, April 24, 2008

    Don't you want somebody to cook for?

    Bought way more food than i needed today. I'm addicted to cooking but I have no one to cook for! Kind of like all dressed up and no place to go. I relegated myself to calling the boy i'm crushing on at the moment, but felt like i shouldn't have. now i hve to go through the elaborate preparation for someone who i'm pretty sure is not too wild about me. Oh well. Today I had a can of lentil soup. I'm trying to use up my cans cause I heard that they all have that cancerous plastic in them. Snacked on a pommelo throughout the day. It was very sweet with a little tang, like a ruby ruby red grapefruit. Think it made me crave bread-Made some mixed angel hair pasta and put it in the soup. For dinner I had the leftover pasta with some nutritional yeast/earth balance on top. Late night snack was some veggie cheese on an english muffin w/earth balance. Moderate eating day-mood was stable. Cabinets are swelling w. food and produce. Makes me feel secure. I always think I want to have lots of food around in case of nuclear attack. Guess Its just a remnant of cold war paranoia back from when I was like 8 years old. My grandma always had lots of food around the house too. It was as if she wanted to communicate everything she couldn't say through feeding us plate after plate the whole time we were at their house. My uncle called her "the human conveyer belt." Strange cause I never felt we shared much of a bond-but food, living for feeding people. Yes, this I love. RIP grandma.

    Wednesday, April 23, 2008

    Bitch Gimee Some Beans and Rice!

    Good leftovers, black beans on top of the spanish rice I made yesterday with cumin and a little applewood smoked chedder. I think that's all I ate today -2 servings. A former roommate once expressed her love for cumin by saying that it was the perfect ingredient to tie everything together, like umami. Gonna have to give up eating canned food after the latest hard plastic scare. This is especially hard with black and pinto beans, as I can never get them to cook and season right in a crock pot. Guess its time for a little experimentation. Haven't gone grocery shopping in forever! Still planning the balklava and some ginger carrot soup maybe. Also still have some fresh herbs for them potaters. I always thought you could cook as way to someone's heart-remember that old song "if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty women your wife?" Food is so sensual, but I've since realized that is just not the case-so I'll get over it.

    Tuesday, April 22, 2008


    Got pretty close to making moms old spanish rice today, but used calrose rice, peppers and still probably too much tom sauce. had it topped with some black beans. Pretty sticky consistency, a little underdone but good.

    Monday, April 21, 2008

    Mr. Yukk and Bosnian Goodness

    Dear Rosie, Time for a grocery shop. Ate too much garbage today. Will make up for it tomorrow- Cinnamon roll eggs, spinach, english muffin, chedder cheese fruit 3 cheese enchiladas beans and rice chavappis and a salad.

    Yikes! Chavappi love, Rosie

    Saturday, April 19, 2008

    A Monochromatic Food Palate

    Breakfast and lunch 2-slices pizza Dinner-2 slices pizza a good salad Artichokes on pizza, not what I expected, too huge and overpowering. But the roasted garlic was a nice touch. Still thinking about buying into the CSA-$160 for veggies every other week? Yikes!-makes me feel so broke! And if I sell my car I'll need some fancy arrangement for transportation. We'll see.

    Wednesday, April 16, 2008

    Plastic Scandals and other Food Fraud

    Read in article in today's paper about how plastic is now being linked to certain types of cancer. Big surprise there. I hate that even things that claim to be eco-conscious, like Sigg bottles, have a hard plastic top. What gives? This gives me the motivation I need to purchase a nice cast iron soup pot/cauldron. Good food day. More of the lentil leftovers, will they ever go away? and yet another HIAV classic: mashed potatoes with kale. I gave some of it to the neighbors so I wouldn't feel too bad about eating like 8 potatoes by myself. Lemon Lovers hummus and "Everybody must get Stoned Wheat Thins." Learned how to make pita chips by putting some lawash bread in the broiler. I'm a little nervous because I know I am going to use the filo dough soon, and I want to make something amazing to share with the world. Turned a lot of heads with the ginormous pommelo sitting on my desk today. I felt like the Breck girl. I need to eat it lest it turn into a fruit with the look of a deflated ball.

    Tuesday, April 15, 2008

    The Mechanics of all that You Are

    Got stuck today with a fast food lifestyle-still-coulda been worse. Had a Blimpee turkey sub and 2 slices of cold cheese pizza folded over like a sandwich at the end of my meeting, a cookie and a few sparkly pasta salad leftovers. The Blimpee mystique has perplexed me for quite some time now. On one level, its hard to imagine anyone patronizing an establishment that is little more than a euphemism for "fatass." I always feel fat when I walk in, so of course I try to avoid it at all costs, and work especially hard to avoid direct eye contact with the folks on the other side of the glass. But their sweet peppers are good. Mt. Olive, I wonder? As I drove home I tried to fan the smell of onions from the sub out of my rental car, while singing the June Carter Cash version of "Ring of Fire", cause the guys at Enterprise always save the nice cars for me. Told my neighbor I would share some of the sparkly pasta salad with her, then ended up eating it all myself. That's shady. Now I need to make something new to share with her. I have kale, sheep cheese and filo dough left to play with before another grocery shop is warranted. I try to avoid it now because I can no longer afford to shop at the organic store and thus have these horrific pangs of guilt about buying fruits and vegetables that probably contain fish genes or worse. Its time to be conscious and jump on the local CSA bandwagon!

    Monday, April 14, 2008

    Oh Baby I Like It Raw

    Now that I got your attention-I'd love to get some feedback on Stoned Wheat Thins-Truly, they are the tastiest cracker available on the commercial market.

    Today I ate them dipped in Basha Lemon Lover's hummus and sheep feta, which, by the way, kicks Sabra's ass! More lentil quinoa bombs today created a ragin fire in my pyloric valve, which means I'm gonna have to pass on the lentils tonight. Hope they don't go bad. Could make the supa tasty HIAV potato-kale mix, or maybe I will fold, in a vain attempt to consume it before it goes bad. I totally threw out the cabbage mix, and resolved never to be duped by thinking I like cabbage, much less with raisins, unless it is deep fried in an egg roll by some knowing Chinese cook. Topic of discussion: Are there any foods you feel sorry for? I know this is really bizarre personification, but I saw this recipe for "Polar Express Cookies" on the back of a Sunmaid raisin box, and I was thinking, how sad it was that they had to disguise raisins under the cloak of something commercially acceptable, just so kids will eat it.' I'm getting hungrier and more tired-oh what will I do. Starting to get that order pizza mantra going in the back of my head-so i'd better get to the culinary feasting-oh what will it be? I'm sitting in bed eating the sparkly artichoke rotini pasta I just made and am watching the sun set on the river. Does it get any better than this. First time cooking with capers. They taste kind of like mustard, but are daring and sophisticated. This recipe, also from HIAV. Amazing. Didn't even need to add the sheep cheese. Hope to bring it along for a reasonably healthy meal tomorrow so I don't fall victim to "El Rancho" and the world of secret eating on the southwest side. Also had a salad-50 spinach/50 mixed greens combo with sheepcheese. I think I've been saved from fast food fer yet another day. Next Blog: Iron skillets: What is your favorite cooking utensil?

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