• I make art propaganda sometimes.

  • I like using pictures to tell stories.

  • I love Detroit and all matter of things electronica.

  • "I think the bicycle has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world."-Susan B. Anthony

  • My dog and husband are my co-pilots.

Dear interactive diary...

Social networking and media sites have their place, but don't allow for the degree of creativity I hope this webpage will provide. From my mind to yours. Enjoy!

About Me

I've spent the last six years building, coordinating and managing a walking and biking advocacy initiative called Safe Routes to School (SRTS). Check out the Safe Routes to School tab on your left to learn more.

Disclaimer: True friendship means never having to spell check, so thanks for overlooking the various grammatical, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure errors on this website.


Publications, art and more Consider this the year of the website.

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